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Something Stirs…

Work has begun on the next release.

If you’ve liked Wrapped in a Sheet on Facebook, you may have heard the instrumental track, Malady in Red (Revisiting an Old Memory), a piano-and-strings version of a song I wrote with a friend many years ago (six). That’ll be the lulling calm in the next EP. The rest of it won’t be quite so soothing.

The current song that I’m working on is slower than anything on Vultures, sadder, and much heavier. Following the advice of the United Kingdom Extreme Metal blog, I’ve started to rework the way I program drums, to get a clearer, wider, bigger sound, and one closer to a skilled drummer playing live drums. So far it’s working nicely, thank you. I won’t give you its working title until it changes. Sounds to me a little like Xasthur.

It’ll take months, but I’m excited to hear what the next Wrapped release might sound like.



…Like Whispered Rumours

The response to Vultures has been really, really encouraging, so I’d like to give everyone who’s downloaded, pirated, listened to or read about the album a massive thumb up (depending on marital status). I’m not sure who put the torrent up, but I’m seeding it so that hopefully you can get better speeds.

Very humble thanks must also go to the generous people who’ve shelled a bit of cash over for the music; this month has been tighter than a camel’s ass in a sandstorm, and you’ve helped me not go dry. Thank you!

All in all, I’m feeling very positive about Wrapped in a Sheet. I thought after the exhausting effort of Vultures that I was going to leave it a couple of months before picking up the guitar again, but the temptation overtook last night and I started riffing. Can’t say that I’ve got overmuch right now, but the first riff is the hardest to write, and I’ll be back on it later this evening. I fancy another EP, prolly a 6-track one. I won’t give myself a deadline this time; I told you I’d deliver the album in March and it didn’t get out until the third week of May.

Keep checking back. When I’ve got the first track done, I’ll post it here so you can see which direction it’s going. I’ve been listening recently to a lot of Symphonic Black Metal, so I imagine the keys will be stepping forward more often than they did on Vultures.



Pirates are Waiting

The new album “Vultures” has only been released for eleven hours – and already you can find it on three separate pirate websites.

Which I think is kind of cool. At least it means someone’s paying attention.

If you fancy getting the RAR off of a pirate website, that’s fine with me, you officially have my permission. That said, if you download it from BandCamp, then I can see how many people have.

Google “Wrapped in a Sheet” to see how many pirate sites there are though. Their SEO is very impressive, they’re almost beating my rankings.



Radio Silence

Hello my loves. Things have been a little quiet recently, on the website front at least, and I do apologise. Reason is that I’ve been working my balix off on the album. The basic tracks and mixes are now complete, and I’ve just got some re-recording to do – at least one of the tracks simply wasn’t recorded loud enough.

Soon, my loves, soon, Vultures will drop. And you’re going to (hopefully) fucking love it.

Takk for your patience…


It Grows…

I’m not sure if no news is good news when it comes to recording an album, but I’m going to say it is. Everything’s going well. Better than well, actually; some new equipment has landed on my grubby, mouse-corpse strewn welcome mat, and if I can get my head around it, it’ll lead to better signals for me to fuck up with my laissez-faire producing. (Incidentally, a friend of mine – a young Scott – was spreading the word about the November Aria EP on one of his forums, and got the feedback “good vocals – production a bit tinny”. I was grinning for the rest of the day. The production is admittedly tinny, but I was psyched that someone thought the vocals were acceptable enough to call “good”.)

Some gear has also been donated by very generous benefactors. They’ll probably never read this blog, but I thought I should put some grateful rantings out there anyway.

To conclude; recording going well, should now sound better than it was going to because of luck and eBay.

Keep it heavy as a heavy mother fucker,


Further Ongoing Studioness

Hello again

Songs are being written, technologies are being tweaked, noises are annoying my neighbours (heh) and I’m hardly getting enough time to go to work and sleep, let alone read the novels I’ve been promising myself since Christmas.

Pretty psyched though, because that means that things are going well. Actually, raw ideas are pouring out of my hands faster than I can produce and write lyrics for the tracks, which is kind of nice. I’ve made a vow, though, to either force myself to lyric or bash my fingers in until I’m unable to pick up my guitar.

That’ll teach me.

Album, I think, will be mastered and delivered by about March, so expect it in April. It’s sounding raw, savage, nasty and (in my humble) pretty brilliant.

Then again, I’ve been deluded my whole existence.

Keep it fucking heavy


Being on the Ship o Metal

Listening, now, as I write this, to Redbeard’s Ship o’ Metal. John Proctor was just played, amongst the greatest greats of metal. Goddamn, I feel fucking privileged to be on the same playlist as guys like Slayer and Motorhead.

It’s lit a fire under my ass. Next year’s album, Vultures, is going to be fussed, worried, cried, bled and vomited over until it’s the best record I’m capable of making. Might not be as good as the giants who sent me, tail between legs, crawling back to my hole; but it’ll certainly be worth a free download.




…Right, I think I’m done…

EP’s been polished and published, BandCamp’s kicking (and telling me that two people have downloaded the November Aria EP! I’m pretty psyched. I hope they like it), I finally figured that fucking Facebook fanbollix out. Of MySpace, I denounce those proceedings; I quit that court. Completely don’t know why they had to screw with it.

Eitherwise, point is, I think this site’s finished being designed, all the stuff have been made… now all I have to do is continue creating Vultures, next year’s full-length album. Obviously, when the MP3s are finished, I’ll upload them here so you can download them for free.

I love free music. Wonder how long it’ll be before I go bad?

Exciting times; I’ve been talking to RedBeard at the Ship o’ Metal radio show, with hopes to be a guest on his show over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday. He said bring ale. Whoever passes out first either wins or loses.

I wonder who will.



Current Ongoing Studioness

I wasn’t around for the second wave of Black Metal; it started in Norway in the early nineties while I was still watching kid’s TV shows and carrying a lunchbox. Technology back then made even my limited resources look like Pro Tools and twelve foot wide mixers (neither of which I use- more cost effective solutions are all I have available, and besides, who wants Autotuned Black Metal?). Still. I do wonder what the progenitors of our genre would have thought of the Internet. Surely the MP3 and the file transfer protocol and free downloading is just a fancier, sleeker and geekier version of cassette swapping? In which case, let the big labels worry about illegal MP3 downloads, I’m going to celebrate it. Download all my MP3s here, for free, with both my blessings and my gratitude.

Because of my philosophy of free music, I very much doubt that a physical CD release will be in the making any time soon, unless requests for burnt CDRs are made by people I’m in direct here-it-is contact with. So, Vultures, which is the moniker of Wrapped in a Sheet’s debut “release” is far more fluid than if I had been born 10 years earlier and was creating physical cassettes, CDs and vinyl. As soon as I’ve finished the mixdown on each individual track, I can have it up on this site literally within seconds. It’s fantastic, and it means that a) there are no costs for me to recoup, meaning Wrapped in a Sheet’s music can stay completely free and b) I don’t have to worry about distribution. Free music. I love saying it. Free, free, free.

So keep checking back; not only will Vultures’ tracklist be filling itself up MP3 by MP3, but also, I can expand it. Why have ¬†an EP when you can have a full 70-minute digital album?

I have no idea what an RSS feed is but I’ll look into publishing one so your RSS thingummy can tell you whenever a new News post declares a new song has been uploaded.

Enjoy the music, and keep it fucking heavy,