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I wasn’t around for the second wave of Black Metal; it started in Norway in the early nineties while I was still watching kid’s TV shows and carrying a lunchbox. Technology back then made even my limited resources look like Pro Tools and twelve foot wide mixers (neither of which I use- more cost effective solutions are all I have available, and besides, who wants Autotuned Black Metal?). Still. I do wonder what the progenitors of our genre would have thought of the Internet. Surely the MP3 and the file transfer protocol and free downloading is just a fancier, sleeker and geekier version of cassette swapping? In which case, let the big labels worry about illegal MP3 downloads, I’m going to celebrate it. Download all my MP3s here, for free, with both my blessings and my gratitude.

Because of my philosophy of free music, I very much doubt that a physical CD release will be in the making any time soon, unless requests for burnt CDRs are made by people I’m in direct here-it-is contact with. So, Vultures, which is the moniker of Wrapped in a Sheet’s debut “release” is far more fluid than if I had been born 10 years earlier and was creating physical cassettes, CDs and vinyl. As soon as I’ve finished the mixdown on each individual track, I can have it up on this site literally within seconds. It’s fantastic, and it means that a) there are no costs for me to recoup, meaning Wrapped in a Sheet’s music can stay completely free and b) I don’t have to worry about distribution. Free music. I love saying it. Free, free, free.

So keep checking back; not only will Vultures’ tracklist be filling itself up MP3 by MP3, but also, I can expand it. Why have  an EP when you can have a full 70-minute digital album?

I have no idea what an RSS feed is but I’ll look into publishing one so your RSS thingummy can tell you whenever a new News post declares a new song has been uploaded.

Enjoy the music, and keep it fucking heavy,


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