First Sale of the November Aria EP!

Today marks an awesome, awesome milestone for me. Today was the first time anyone has ever stumped up some coins to download the November Aria EP!

Please don’t get me wrong; I’d rather someone downloaded the EP for free than not at all, and I am making music to be listened to and challenged rather than bought and sold. But still. This is the first square quid Wrapped in a Sheet has made.

In other bright news, I’ve been speaking with Ian of Welsh radio station Dapper FM in hopes of being included in the Thursday Night Rocks playlist one week. Go to the site now and have a cheeky listen: I’ll keep you all posted on when/if our plans come to fruition.

What an awesome day. I’m waiting for a reet eBay bargain in the form of a Dunlop CryBaby wah pedal to show up. I’ve got just a few more things to polish off for the CD, and a fuckinawesome wah solo is something I’ve been trying to perfect for some time. So if that does arrive in the morning, then tomorrow will be just as good as today.

Keep it heavy as fuck


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