It Grows…

I’m not sure if no news is good news when it comes to recording an album, but I’m going to say it is. Everything’s going well. Better than well, actually; some new equipment has landed on my grubby, mouse-corpse strewn welcome mat, and if I can get my head around it, it’ll lead to better signals for me to fuck up with my laissez-faire producing. (Incidentally, a friend of mine – a young Scott – was spreading the word about the November Aria EP on one of his forums, and got the feedback “good vocals – production a bit tinny”. I was grinning for the rest of the day. The production is admittedly tinny, but I was psyched that someone thought the vocals were acceptable enough to call “good”.)

Some gear has also been donated by very generous benefactors. They’ll probably never read this blog, but I thought I should put some grateful rantings out there anyway.

To conclude; recording going well, should now sound better than it was going to because of luck and eBay.

Keep it heavy as a heavy mother fucker,


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