…Like Whispered Rumours

The response to Vultures has been really, really encouraging, so I’d like to give everyone who’s downloaded, pirated, listened to or read about the album a massive thumb up (depending on marital status). I’m not sure who put the torrent up, but I’m seeding it so that hopefully you can get better speeds.

Very humble thanks must also go to the generous people who’ve shelled a bit of cash over for the music; this month has been tighter than a camel’s ass in a sandstorm, and you’ve helped me not go dry. Thank you!

All in all, I’m feeling very positive about Wrapped in a Sheet. I thought after the exhausting effort of Vultures that I was going to leave it a couple of months before picking up the guitar again, but the temptation overtook last night and I started riffing. Can’t say that I’ve got overmuch right now, but the first riff is the hardest to write, and I’ll be back on it later this evening. I fancy another EP, prolly a 6-track one. I won’t give myself a deadline this time; I told you I’d deliver the album in March and it didn’t get out until the third week of May.

Keep checking back. When I’ve got the first track done, I’ll post it here so you can see which direction it’s going. I’ve been listening recently to a lot of Symphonic Black Metal, so I imagine the keys will be stepping forward more often than they did on Vultures.



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