TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT Debut Album “Vultures” is Released!

It’s taken six months, several different mixes, hundreds of hours in my room/studio ignoring everyone and absolutely no record label offers, but the debut album is finally going to be released tonight at midnight! and a fucking belter it is too. All you have to do is download the thing tonight, and if you like, tell me how shite it is and how I’ve wasted my time.

Clickon the BandCamp link on the bottom right,or this one: to visit the BandCamp site for a totally free download. See, haven’t gone bad yet.

Takk for your patience


Radio Silence

Hello my loves. Things have been a little quiet recently, on the website front at least, and I do apologise. Reason is that I’ve been working my balix off on the album. The basic tracks and mixes are now complete, and I’ve just got some re-recording to do – at least one of the tracks simply wasn’t recorded loud enough.

Soon, my loves, soon, Vultures will drop. And you’re going to (hopefully) fucking love it.

Takk for your patience…


Harshest Winter on YouTube and in Videos Section

If I’m honest, all I need to do is point your attention towards the title. Have a look at the Videos page on this site or head over to for a look.

Weirdly enough, the video it’s linked to on the YouTube sidebar is “Bad Meets Evil” by Eminem. Pretty good song, and when I was into rap I listened to the Slim Shady LP a lot. It’s because the first line contains the lyric “I don’t speak, I float in the air Wrapped in a Sheet.” I forgot about that line – it wasn’t what inspired the name, BioShock takes that honour. But how the hell did YouTube know what the lyrics are?

Clever YouTube.


First Sale of the November Aria EP!

Today marks an awesome, awesome milestone for me. Today was the first time anyone has ever stumped up some coins to download the November Aria EP!

Please don’t get me wrong; I’d rather someone downloaded the EP for free than not at all, and I am making music to be listened to and challenged rather than bought and sold. But still. This is the first square quid Wrapped in a Sheet has made.

In other bright news, I’ve been speaking with Ian of Welsh radio station Dapper FM in hopes of being included in the Thursday Night Rocks playlist one week. Go to the site now and have a cheeky listen: I’ll keep you all posted on when/if our plans come to fruition.

What an awesome day. I’m waiting for a reet eBay bargain in the form of a Dunlop CryBaby wah pedal to show up. I’ve got just a few more things to polish off for the CD, and a fuckinawesome wah solo is something I’ve been trying to perfect for some time. So if that does arrive in the morning, then tomorrow will be just as good as today.

Keep it heavy as fuck


It Grows…

I’m not sure if no news is good news when it comes to recording an album, but I’m going to say it is. Everything’s going well. Better than well, actually; some new equipment has landed on my grubby, mouse-corpse strewn welcome mat, and if I can get my head around it, it’ll lead to better signals for me to fuck up with my laissez-faire producing. (Incidentally, a friend of mine – a young Scott – was spreading the word about the November Aria EP on one of his forums, and got the feedback “good vocals – production a bit tinny”. I was grinning for the rest of the day. The production is admittedly tinny, but I was psyched that someone thought the vocals were acceptable enough to call “good”.)

Some gear has also been donated by very generous benefactors. They’ll probably never read this blog, but I thought I should put some grateful rantings out there anyway.

To conclude; recording going well, should now sound better than it was going to because of luck and eBay.

Keep it heavy as a heavy mother fucker,


New Track “Vultures” on ReverbNation

Most exciting – the title track from the album coming out in a few months is now available at the Wrapped in a Sheet ReverbNation. Don’t even get me started on what a little bitch it was to mix.

Head on over to and become a fan to be able to listen to it and download it for free. See? I’m keeping my promises with all the free music and whatnot.



Loucifer Speaks reviews November Aria EP

Loucifer, a true soldier of the UK underground metal scene, did me a huge favour and reviewed my little EP (and she was very kind about it too!)

Read the review @

…You know you want to.