Pirates are Waiting

The new album “Vultures” has only been released for eleven hours – and already you can find it on three separate pirate websites.

Which I think is kind of cool. At least it means someone’s paying attention.

If you fancy getting the RAR off of a pirate website, that’s fine with me, you officially have my permission. That said, if you download it from BandCamp, then I can see how many people have.

Google “Wrapped in a Sheet” to see how many pirate sites there are though. Their SEO is very impressive, they’re almost beating my rankings.



One thought on “Pirates are Waiting

  1. Mike

    Thanks for the permission. If it weren’t for running across this album on a pirate site, I probably wouldn’t have heard of it. I must say, I love the album. I added your information to this database


    and now thousands more people will bump into your album through that word of mouth. It is very large, and very international. Hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I did. Looking forward to more in the future.

    Strig, USA


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