Scarecrow vs. Redbeard – Next Tuesday

That’s right – Redbeard’s radio show on the 4th of January 2011 @ 7pm GMT will be featuring the dubious talents of myself. We had a really good chat about what makes good metal, talked about the [intlink id=”55″ type=”page”]November Aria EP[/intlink], next year’s album Vultures, and Doris Yeh, the hottest woman in black metal.

We shared playlist duty, which means that as well as including a few of my favourites, I got to pillage his library for stuff I knew I need to check out (think Akercocke) and listen to some new bands. We’d actually met at a gig the night before, so also got to play the bands we’d seen, and chat about how great live music is.

Maybe 2011 should see Wrapped in a Sheet become a gigging band.



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