…Right, I think I’m done…

EP’s been polished and published, BandCamp’s kicking (and telling me that two people have downloaded the November Aria EP! I’m pretty psyched. I hope they like it), I finally figured that fucking Facebook fanbollix out. Of MySpace, I denounce those proceedings; I quit that court. Completely don’t know why they had to screw with it.

Eitherwise, point is, I think this site’s finished being designed, all the stuff have been made… now all I have to do is continue creating Vultures, next year’s full-length album. Obviously, when the MP3s are finished, I’ll upload them here so you can download them for free.

I love free music. Wonder how long it’ll be before I go bad?

Exciting times; I’ve been talking to RedBeard at the Ship o’ Metal radio show, with hopes to be a guest on his show over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday. He said bring ale. Whoever passes out first either wins or loses.

I wonder who will.



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