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The first track of the next EP has had all its guitar parts written and arranged. Now, I have to go back and do each of the guitars (3) in one take each. Else I feel like it’s cheating. Then figure out the drums, write a bassline, and go wholly overboard with the MIDI instruments, because I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with Symphonic Black. The vocals, on a positive note, are happily writing themselves.

I’ll post it when I’ve got a single mix. The mix will inevitably change for the EP.

Here it goes again…



Something Stirs…

Work has begun on the next release.

If you’ve liked Wrapped in a Sheet on Facebook, you may have heard the instrumental track, Malady in Red (Revisiting an Old Memory), a piano-and-strings version of a song I wrote with a friend many years ago (six). That’ll be the lulling calm in the next EP. The rest of it won’t be quite so soothing.

The current song that I’m working on is slower than anything on Vultures, sadder, and much heavier. Following the advice of the United Kingdom Extreme Metal blog, I’ve started to rework the way I program drums, to get a clearer, wider, bigger sound, and one closer to a skilled drummer playing live drums. So far it’s working nicely, thank you. I won’t give you its working title until it changes. Sounds to me a little like Xasthur.

It’ll take months, but I’m excited to hear what the next Wrapped release might sound like.