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Alright, alright. The plan was for me to not shell out any cash on this project. Unfortunately, the .co.cc extension is no longer being listed by Google due to its associations with malware (thanks to W Scott for the heads up on that one – my day job is getting stuff to rank for Google, and I had no idea) but fortunately, the cash I’ve been generously given for downloads just about covered two years’ worth of .co.uk registration. So, WrappedinaSheet.co.uk now exists!

I’ve been moving house, so making music hasn’t been happening these last few days, and I don’t think will be for a while. Still, the album’s only seven weeks old. Give me a bloody chance, will you?



Radio Silence

Hello my loves. Things have been a little quiet recently, on the website front at least, and I do apologise. Reason is that I’ve been working my balix off on the album. The basic tracks and mixes are now complete, and I’ve just got some re-recording to do – at least one of the tracks simply wasn’t recorded loud enough.

Soon, my loves, soon, Vultures will drop. And you’re going to (hopefully) fucking love it.

Takk for your patience…


Further Ongoing Studioness

Hello again

Songs are being written, technologies are being tweaked, noises are annoying my neighbours (heh) and I’m hardly getting enough time to go to work and sleep, let alone read the novels I’ve been promising myself since Christmas.

Pretty psyched though, because that means that things are going well. Actually, raw ideas are pouring out of my hands faster than I can produce and write lyrics for the tracks, which is kind of nice. I’ve made a vow, though, to either force myself to lyric or bash my fingers in until I’m unable to pick up my guitar.

That’ll teach me.

Album, I think, will be mastered and delivered by about March, so expect it in April. It’s sounding raw, savage, nasty and (in my humble) pretty brilliant.

Then again, I’ve been deluded my whole existence.

Keep it fucking heavy


Scarecrow vs. Redbeard – Next Tuesday

That’s right – Redbeard’s radio show on the 4th of January 2011 @ 7pm GMT will be featuring the dubious talents of myself. We had a really good chat about what makes good metal, talked about the [intlink id=”55″ type=”page”]November Aria EP[/intlink], next year’s album Vultures, and Doris Yeh, the hottest woman in black metal.

We shared playlist duty, which means that as well as including a few of my favourites, I got to pillage his library for stuff I knew I need to check out (think Akercocke) and listen to some new bands. We’d actually met at a gig the night before, so also got to play the bands we’d seen, and chat about how great live music is.

Maybe 2011 should see Wrapped in a Sheet become a gigging band.