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The first track of the next EP has had all its guitar parts written and arranged. Now, I have to go back and do each of the guitars (3) in one take each. Else I feel like it’s cheating. Then figure out the drums, write a bassline, and go wholly overboard with the MIDI instruments, because I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with Symphonic Black. The vocals, on a positive note, are happily writing themselves.

I’ll post it when I’ve got a single mix. The mix will inevitably change for the EP.

Here it goes again…




Alright, alright. The plan was for me to not shell out any cash on this project. Unfortunately, the .co.cc extension is no longer being listed by Google due to its associations with malware (thanks to W Scott for the heads up on that one – my day job is getting stuff to rank for Google, and I had no idea) but fortunately, the cash I’ve been generously given for downloads just about covered two years’ worth of .co.uk registration. So, WrappedinaSheet.co.uk now exists!

I’ve been moving house, so making music hasn’t been happening these last few days, and I don’t think will be for a while. Still, the album’s only seven weeks old. Give me a bloody chance, will you?



Something Stirs…

Work has begun on the next release.

If you’ve liked Wrapped in a Sheet on Facebook, you may have heard the instrumental track, Malady in Red (Revisiting an Old Memory), a piano-and-strings version of a song I wrote with a friend many years ago (six). That’ll be the lulling calm in the next EP. The rest of it won’t be quite so soothing.

The current song that I’m working on is slower than anything on Vultures, sadder, and much heavier. Following the advice of the United Kingdom Extreme Metal blog, I’ve started to rework the way I program drums, to get a clearer, wider, bigger sound, and one closer to a skilled drummer playing live drums. So far it’s working nicely, thank you. I won’t give you its working title until it changes. Sounds to me a little like Xasthur.

It’ll take months, but I’m excited to hear what the next Wrapped release might sound like.



…Like Whispered Rumours

The response to Vultures has been really, really encouraging, so I’d like to give everyone who’s downloaded, pirated, listened to or read about the album a massive thumb up (depending on marital status). I’m not sure who put the torrent up, but I’m seeding it so that hopefully you can get better speeds.

Very humble thanks must also go to the generous people who’ve shelled a bit of cash over for the music; this month has been tighter than a camel’s ass in a sandstorm, and you’ve helped me not go dry. Thank you!

All in all, I’m feeling very positive about Wrapped in a Sheet. I thought after the exhausting effort of Vultures that I was going to leave it a couple of months before picking up the guitar again, but the temptation overtook last night and I started riffing. Can’t say that I’ve got overmuch right now, but the first riff is the hardest to write, and I’ll be back on it later this evening. I fancy another EP, prolly a 6-track one. I won’t give myself a deadline this time; I told you I’d deliver the album in March and it didn’t get out until the third week of May.

Keep checking back. When I’ve got the first track done, I’ll post it here so you can see which direction it’s going. I’ve been listening recently to a lot of Symphonic Black Metal, so I imagine the keys will be stepping forward more often than they did on Vultures.



TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT Debut Album “Vultures” is Released!

It’s taken six months, several different mixes, hundreds of hours in my room/studio ignoring everyone and absolutely no record label offers, but the debut album is finally going to be released tonight at midnight! and a fucking belter it is too. All you have to do is download the thing tonight, and if you like, tell me how shite it is and how I’ve wasted my time.

Clickon the BandCamp link on the bottom right,or this one: wrappedinasheet.bandcamp.com to visit the BandCamp site for a totally free download. See, haven’t gone bad yet.

Takk for your patience


Radio Silence

Hello my loves. Things have been a little quiet recently, on the website front at least, and I do apologise. Reason is that I’ve been working my balix off on the album. The basic tracks and mixes are now complete, and I’ve just got some re-recording to do – at least one of the tracks simply wasn’t recorded loud enough.

Soon, my loves, soon, Vultures will drop. And you’re going to (hopefully) fucking love it.

Takk for your patience…


Harshest Winter on YouTube and in Videos Section

If I’m honest, all I need to do is point your attention towards the title. Have a look at the Videos page on this site or head over to youtube.com/user/wrappedinasheet for a look.

Weirdly enough, the video it’s linked to on the YouTube sidebar is “Bad Meets Evil” by Eminem. Pretty good song, and when I was into rap I listened to the Slim Shady LP a lot. It’s because the first line contains the lyric “I don’t speak, I float in the air Wrapped in a Sheet.” I forgot about that line – it wasn’t what inspired the name, BioShock takes that honour. But how the hell did YouTube know what the lyrics are?

Clever YouTube.


First Sale of the November Aria EP!

Today marks an awesome, awesome milestone for me. Today was the first time anyone has ever stumped up some coins to download the November Aria EP!

Please don’t get me wrong; I’d rather someone downloaded the EP for free than not at all, and I am making music to be listened to and challenged rather than bought and sold. But still. This is the first square quid Wrapped in a Sheet has made.

In other bright news, I’ve been speaking with Ian of Welsh radio station Dapper FM in hopes of being included in the Thursday Night Rocks playlist one week. Go to the site now and have a cheeky listen: I’ll keep you all posted on when/if our plans come to fruition.

What an awesome day. I’m waiting for a reet eBay bargain in the form of a Dunlop CryBaby wah pedal to show up. I’ve got just a few more things to polish off for the CD, and a fuckinawesome wah solo is something I’ve been trying to perfect for some time. So if that does arrive in the morning, then tomorrow will be just as good as today.

Keep it heavy as fuck