Vultures (2011)

VulturesWrapped in a Sheet’s debut album, written and recorded in the UK Midlands in 2011. Available to download for free from Wrapped in a Sheet’s BandCamp page:


“The atmosphere becomes truly haunting when Scarecrow adds clean, sung / spoken vocals into the mix, using them sparsely (but effectively) throughout so as not to become predictable.”
United Kingdom Extreme Metal

“…truly terrifying and haunting, and will send shivers into your very soul, such is the atmosphere created by this release…”
Black Beard, RedBeard’s Ship o’ Metal


  1. Harshest Winter (lyrics)
  2. Vultures (lyrics)
  3. John Proctor (lyrics)
  4. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch vs. the Marquis de Sade (lyrics)
  5. An Absence of Mirrors (lyrics)
  6. The Thundering of a Distant Piano (lyrics)
  7. Throats (lyrics)
  8. November Aria I: In Memorium (lyrics)
  9. November Aria II: Of Frozen Earth (lyrics)
  10. November Aria III: Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa (lyrics)
  11. Vultures (Reprise) (lyrics)

Running time: 51.57

Released independently. © Scarecrow 2011

Download via BandCamp

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