Vultures Lyrics

Harshest Winter

Barely human
Half-martyred and starving
The year was bleeding its last hour as I came
Trailing shadows

A mess of flesh and dementia
I uttered wordless screams which were lost to the Arctic freeze
Seeking heat

My mind was blank
But the hunger for something more than carrion stained my rank body red
Anger swelled

I quit the forest
Forsaking the territory I had haunted since warmth had abandoned me
Now, centuries ago

Then I saw fire

Helios, Prometheus, scorch the earth
Char my heart
Helios, Prometheus, incinerate this
Harshest Winter

Barely human
Invoking the wendigo
An ovation of branches tore at my skin
To keep me there

All-encompassed by pillars of winter
Held by the forest
Which drank every memory out of me

Helios, Prometheus, scorch the earth
Char my heart
Helios, Prometheus, Adranus
Thaw my blood
Helios, Prometheus, Belanus
Rain down fire
Helios, Hephæstos, incinerate this
Harshest Winter

Barely human
Half-martyred and starving
The year was bleeding its last hour as I came
Trailing shadows

A mess of flesh and dementia
I uttered wordless screams which were lost to the Arctic freeze
But found Her

Quis est iste qui venit

Eius est
Amor est
Calor est
Mors est


We are no one

Hand in hand
Skin to broken skin
We archive paradigms of sin
We feel the pain
We let it in
To take the edge from pleasure

Outside our window, the earth froze
To see how far Her body goes
On fire
Here. Now. Tonight. We chose
To make the world our hostage

Do as thou wilt
We’re harming no one
But still
The clouds above are swollen with Vultures

Nothing of Your soul is lacking
Heaven’s choir with Venom backing
Meanwhile, that part of my self was owned by a city-sized rat king

Stripped and whipped to mongloid spasm
I orgasm
She fills me with lust which I gestate and use to fill the chasm

Pink and red from mutual mauling
I can hear Your Aker calling
Release the bats
Turn loose the swans
And use their wings to slow Your falling

Be obscener
Treat me meaner
Punish well this weak blasphemer
Twist my spine and drain my life, it’s all to better Your demeanour

Her heart is sweet
And never bitter
But still
The clouds above grow thicker with Vultures

Hand in hand
Wound to mortal wound
The heat gets worse til we’re entombed
And takes us down
Dear God, we’re doomed…
And then we both see heaven

Stigmata scarred
Her limbs relax
And let my lungs breathe
“Fiat Pax”
In Her I see life through the cracks
Of mundane sanity

Hand in hand
Cheek to burning cheek
I let the feeling make me weak
And as it reaches each twin peak
I feel something much darker…

I gorge my heart on Her warmth
I lose myself to the sight
I raise my face to the storm
As it starts gently raining white

This time
I’ve forced my hate to get back
But still
The clouds above are jet black with Vultures

John Proctor

You lie
Spread them like fire
And we’ll dance as charred beams take us down

Paler than blue ice
Put Your blood’s heat in me

Paragon of vice
Twist my jealous stare

I need You
You little whore
I’ll drink Your life out of Your chest

I’ll bleed You dry of all gore
And replace it with holy light

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch vs. the Marquis de Sade

Look up and pray
That the swelling sun-cast shadow is holy wrath
And not the bird of all prey
Which circles the earth

They bet time against their muscle
They all work like convicts for contaminated bread
Making lives of bleak disinterest in the reeking mud
We went for something else instead

Humans losing their lives’ battle
Making noise and waste like cattle
From the cradle to death rattle

Masoch is victorious

In the cold earth they’ve infested
Lives are stripped and patience tested
He will never be contested

Masoch is victorious

Trodden underfoot as dirt
And nailed up like the iron curtain
Their distaste makes one thing certain

Masoch is victorious

Under a fuckeder smoke
A cleaner redeemer choked

They confused God for a demon
Pulsing in like pervert semen
All we asked from them was peace…

But Masoch is victorious

An Absence of Mirrors


I only saw him from a distance
But clearly heard his tritone tune
Welcomed by a crowd of pissants
Barking to a hunter’s moon

Grinning, then
The hangman sung
The simple hymn his flock now bleats
To sharpen up his hungry tongue
And glut it on Her darker meats

“Peace go with you.
Night, God bless.”
But no one hates the wolf for nothing

“I’m the same as them. Stay by me. Please”
She said, asleep, Cassandraic
Their a cappela crescendo blasted

(The year survives, but She’ll bleed Her last hour swinging)

“His words are nothing.
Hell couldn’t get to You through me”
I said, with nothing but the best intentions

But time was pressing
October’s final sunset loomed
And in a dream I heard them


“I’m the same as them. Stay by me. Please”
She said, asleep, Cassandraic
Their mutilated concerto droned

(We’ll follow him, tooth and claw, pelt and eager appetite)

“Enters a mentor
to the very meat upon which he feeds” I said
“It’s almost laughable”

But storms were coming
There was a red moon on the rise
But still, I kept on singing

“Be not afraid, I go before You always”


Faster, now
The hangman rides
And fuels his train with gold and hope
To navigate Her warm insides
And gauge Her neck for strength of rope

I only saw him preach the cull
Calm and slow and raving mad
But though his words were harsh and dull
My, my, what shining eyes he had

The Thundering of a Distant Piano

The rats had fled our basement
The sky was blank and empty
We were sleeping when the hangman came

With a crowd of human livestock
Their screams were harsh and wordless
Baying for Her dark blood to be cleaned

She was cold and naked
They were in their thousands
She beat them like a convict
She stared them in the eye

And died screaming

They tied me to a chair
Prayed up to the heavens
That my soul could be redeemed
Despite Her craft

But nothing comes from nothing
And if I was to be saved
I had to cut my ties
And so, they made me watch Her

Die screaming


I am their cancer




All of their


Their throats


Hate them
No hope for their throats

Their throats

Cannot think
Mustn’t feel
Cannot think
Mustn’t feel

Curse you all men!


…More weight

I am the judge who condemns you to darkness
I am the sigh behind your final breath
I am each sin you make taking its vengeance
I am the fire that burns you to death

Full silence
Full darkness
My back turned
To charred meat

Still constant
No better
It bleeds in
From open


Their throats

November Aria I – In Memorium


November Aria II – Of Frozen Earth


She ate at me like anorexia
Dragged red from my stomach to my teeth
It crawled up on me from underneath
So now I scream
Of Frozen Earth

Here. Now. Tonight
I beat the earth black
And bleed my skin down a gaunt, bulemic white
Shut out the light
Puncture the earth back
So deep
I forget to haunt the dream
That night

It glows
Still growing paler
But no
It stinks of failure
Her husk has lost its gender
All dust
I remember

All of those years contained in one November
Watched as She froze
I cannot help but to remember
When splintered claws
Well equipped for hamartia
Symbols on the face
Of Frozen Earth

Here. Now. Tonight
I sit beside Her
And starve my body down until my veins collapse
Carve out my sight
So darkness can hide Her
And mask the mess of flesh I leave here for the rats

It eats
It feeds like tumours
Like whispered rumours
All lust
All lust
Turns rotten
All dust to be forgotten

My corpse remains
Like a prayer
In my veins

Still alive
Never over
I survive

November Aria III – Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa

All is washed grey by the ceaseless drive of grave rain
Brocken spectres line the cemetaries of Swains Lane
I have come with promises worth keeping…
Trailing carrion like a Vulture

I bring the hate with which I’ve been infected
I drag my gaze from where its hate’s directed
To where the Frozen Earth keeps You in, sleeping
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa

I slash my arms to try to mute their pulsing
But still, my wasted heart won’t stop convulsing
Nothing I try can mute the noise
“God, why have you named me to suffer this curse?”

Mea Culpa
Prayers said in vain
Are thrown aside
Replaced with pain
I let it in

Mea Culpa
Layers of guilt and shame
And wilted pride
Brand marks of Cain
Onto my skin

We are no one

I bleed until it goes into remission
But hate brings heaven’s law to my sedition
The Dead are restless underneath my feet
I draw their sympathy with my words

I screamed a scream of time gone by to free them
It cracks each brick of every mausoleum
And then… I’m not alone
The Dead sigh deep
I hear their pain and point it skywards

His crippled children push their hands through soil
All hungry ghosts outside their mortal coil
“Was there not worse we could have done?” we scream:
“Heaven, you shall sate our thirst…”

Mea Culpa
Where I am to blame
I’ll hang my hide
Beat myself lame
Weep myself dry

Mea Culpa
Failures laugh as they came
I should have lied
Kept myself tame
Let Her fly

A legion of Scarecrows, hanged
The ravens have left the tower
To form a halo

Wrapped in a Sheet of white flags
A distant piano thunders
For Masoch victorious

Mea Culpa
The memory drains
With passing time
Corrodes my aims
Lessens the crime

Mea Culpa
It comes in waves
Here. Now. It’s nigh
They’re at the gates
We’ll hang them high

“Honour this day. We are victorious. The gates belong to us. What are your orders?”

Vultures (Reprise)

Hand to hand
Scar to mortal scar
We drown the sun in mud and tar
And welcome in the freezing dark
Which spreads itself like canvas

We’ll drain the colour from the sky
We’ll bleed the world above us dry
And fall the coups de grâce lit by
Storm clouds pregnant with Vultures

The world before us is to be
A victor written history
Kill or be killed
Both fine with me
As both lead to extinction

Two wrongs collide to bury right
Dark rain extinguishes the light
The Dead march out
Here. Now. Tonight
We sate our thirst with Heaven

I feed my heart to the lie
I lose myself to the sound
I twist my stare to the sky
As red starts gently raining down

Barely human
Half-martyred and starving